Prophecy of Prophet Sadhu to Province of Pangasinan

Prophet Sadhu prophecy to Pangasinan

After super storm Yolanda (international code name Haiyan) wreaked havoc in the Philippines, news of a prophetic declaration interpreted by Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj has resurfaced.

The video of Prophet Sandhu has gone viral as the prophecy have come into reality following the devastation inflicted by “Yolanda” in the Visayas region killing thousands of residents in the affected areas.

On April 25, seven months before the tragic incident caused by this killer typhoon, Hindu prophets Vincent and Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj were in Dagupan City, Pangasinan with  Bishop Dan Balais who is the chairman of the Intercessors of the Philippines (IFP). It was an unplanned visit.

While in Pangasinan, the two prophets declared and explained the conditional prophecies from the Lord regarding Pangasinan and other places in the Philippines where God commanded the Body of Christ in the Philippines to set up 24 Houses of Prayer in every town and city as protection against calamities  and disasters.

It was on the video published in the Internet that Prophet Sadhu made a prophesy of a certain big storm that will hit Samar and Tacloban City and other places in the Visayas saying  ”many will be drowned.”

On November 8, seven months after the prophecy, one of the world’s strongest typhoon ravaged the central provinces of the Philippines.

The Prophet Sadhu”typhoon prophesy” became more popular getting more views after the aftermath of super typhoon Yolanda that badly damaged Tacloban, Leyte, Samar, Cebu and some provinces of Panay Island.

Another prophecy made by Sadhu has stirred anxiety among some Pangasinenses as the prophet pertained to Pangasinan.

An excerpt from his transcript of prophecies in Pangasinan quoted Sadhu saying the following:

“The Lord says there is a place called PANGASINAN.” The Lord says it is in the northernmost part in your land. From there, a grievous disease will spread all over the world that will consume the flesh of men; all their upper (outer) skin will begin to decay, it will pierce through the bones. The fear of this disease will spread all over the world. The Lord said that this disease will begin from the Philippines.

According to the profile of Prophet Sadhu on their official website, Sadhu has God’s strong anointing as attested by signs, wonders and miracles.

Since 1979, the Lord God has taken the prophet to more than 50 nations around the world to be a witness for HIM.

Selvaraj grew up in a close-knit Hindu family with two sisters and a brother. As the eldest male child, he followed his father’s footsteps who was a layman priest. He became a devout Hindu and studied mantras and he was versed in performing pujas (religious ceremonies).

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